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Corporate Executive and Back Office Services, LLC is your first point of contact for the expansion of your business into the United States. We offer solutions to European enterprises – easy, simple and targeted:


  • Process management and interim management

  • Accounting

  • Preparation of Business Plan

  • Relationship Building


Our local team speaks several languages und is familiar with the U.S. market. The cornerstone of our work is a trusting relationship among ourselves, our business partners and our customers.

Once the decision to actively work on establishing a U.S. presence has been made, the actual trip across the ‘Big Pond” is easy.  We are happy to assist our clients beginning with the strategic planning phase through the implementation of their new company’s goals - on site in Florida in the up-and-coming Tampa Bay region.

In addition to a first representative office, we offer all on-site services necessary for success: business address, relationship building and initial office space/conference room options. Furthermore, we accompany the establishment of a US company, create our clients’ recordkeeping and accounting according to American principles and are ‘boots on the ground’ when needed to fill ​​interim management functions.


For legal and tax advice or IT services, we refer our clients to experienced and bilingual (native German speaking) licensed service providers who are active on both continents. We also happily work with our clients’ existing team of advisers already in place.

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Our Services

Our services start where the work of traditional economic development efforts end, as we continue to guide our clients to success long after the start.


Here’s what to expect from our services:

  • Business Address and Phone Number

  • Back Office

  • Business Bank Account

  • European Standards



Depending on our clients’ needs, we provide various business services packages including everything one would expect under the term ‘back office’ solutions for day-to-day operations: 

  • A business address at a well-appointed office;

  • Temporary office and conference room space, and

  • Standard office infrastructure.

We receive calls for our clients’ companies, look after their US customers and business partners, handle incoming correspondence and assist with their calendar so they can concentrate on the reason they came to the United States to begin with: building their business.  

Optional additional services include assistance with the opening of a business bank account with a leading bank in Florida. Contrary to the widespread belief that a bank account with the option to execute international transfers requires a Social Security Number (SSN), our partner bank offers such services to our customers.

A multilingual team (including German and French each native speakers) ensures European standards in the day-to-day operations of our clients’ back office. While our German and French speaking clients bypass the usual language barrier, we are happy to arrange translation services for clients from other countries.  


Our service packages are tailored to our clients’ needs: Our basic “Economy” package includes a footprint in the USA. “Premium Economy” includes back office services. Other services can be arranged as needed.


Language / Understanding / Bridges

Business Meeting

Process Management and Interim Management

Analysing the Data

Accounting and Controlling

Campaign Pitch

Business Plan



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Launch / Take Off



For our customers who are just getting started, we offer a business address and mail acceptance services. Please see our price list for the scope of our services.

You may rent one of our conference rooms or dailys bureaus on a per hour base rate (Mo-Fr. 9am to 5pm)



Premium Economy

This package includes the business address and our back- office service solution. We take incoming calls for our customers and support them by processing incoming correspondence and mail as well as appointments. We offer a discount of 5% on our standard solutions.



In addition to the benefits from the Premium Economy package, this package also includes basic accounting services.


In addition, we offer a discount of 10% on our standard solutions.


The “First” service package includes not only the services from the "Business" service package, but also exclusive access to our premium contacts.  


It comes with a discount of 15% on our standard solutions.

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Headquarter Tampa

601 S Fremont Ave
Tampa, 33606

Fon: +1-813-556-7200

Fax: +1-813-556-7210

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