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Tampa Bay is ideally located for European business who want to target the U.S. market and/or use Florida as a springboard to Latin America. 


Located within the Eastern Standard Time zone, this major port city offers sea access to the Gulf of Mexico and is logistically connected to major highways to get goods moving. To move people, Tampa International Airport has consistently been ranked as one of America’s finest and is a destination for direct flights to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, the UK and several cities in Central and Latin America.

Tampa Bay is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing regions of the United States. With a robust manufacturing sector and a growing IT and financial services industry, Tampa Bay continues to attract companies looking to benefit from the vibrant business climate and also offering quality of life to its employees.


Many nationally known chain restaurants got their start in Tampa. Target Industries are: Financial and Professional Services, Information Technology, Life Sciences and Health Care, Defense and Security, Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics. Workforce availability is one of the region’s advantages.

Tampa is the western end of the I-4 corridor, a vibrant economic area between Tampa and Orlando offering excellent value for development.

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